Save your mobile, save your information. How to prevent data theft?

Mobile data theft
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Don’t pay your invoice using public Wi-Fi.


Make Sure Your Phone Software Is Up-To-Date

Having up-to-date cell phone software decreases your chances of hackers gaining access to your information. The updates seem to be happening every day now, but they’re necessary. Don’t ignore them just because they are annoying or someone is warning you not to update.


Read The App Privacy Policy Before Granting Permissions

To learn more about what information an app has access to, read their privacy policy before downloading and granting it permission. The policy is usually available on the app’s page as well as when you’re first signing into it. In the Google Play store, if you go to an app’s page and to the ‘Additional Information’ section, the app should have permissions information.


Think Before You Download New Apps

Applications in the App Store or Google Play may seem legit, safe, and real, but not all are. Take a second look and think before downloading new apps. View their website, privacy policy, and app description. You don’t want to be the victim of a fake app and have your information taken.


Be Careful When Using Public Wi-Fi

An easy way for mobile apps and hackers to gain access to your information is through public Wi-Fi networks. These networks are easy for hackers to find victims and are not secure. While connected, don’t participate in online activities that involve personal information. This includes looking at your bank account, work tasks, and online shopping.


Mobile apps seem harmless and innocent, but they have and will continue to steal people’s information. The practice of collecting users’ data is the new mobile app norm and won’t change anytime soon. People need to take the necessary precautions and be aware of what app permissions they agree to.

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